Sunday, April 15, 2012

"Repack the bearings before you hit the road"

So, a common refrain from friends and advisors was that before I bring the Scamp home I repack the bearings. I got good descriptions of how to do this myself before I remembered that I don't actually do this sort of thing and I was kidding myself if I thought this was a good time to get started on that learning curve. So, Wayne, pictured earlier, and the nice man who sold me the Scamp, told me of a good local garage where I could get this done. He nicely followed me to the garage (because the trailer does not have working lights, and I needed the garage to hook up the temporary lights I had borrowed.) At the garage, I was again told how "adventurous" I was to be towing the Scamp with my little car. (It was around this time that I began to wonder how often men are told how "adventurous" they are when they do this sort of thing. I was, in other words, tiring of what now seemed like a euphemism for "crazy".) Here's the Scamp jacked up having its innards lubricated, and being towed by my great little car:

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